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    A vision of music

    You must have a vision, to believe in something. You must also have perseverance. There were times when my better sense wondered whether I should be continuing on this or settle down and do something normal people do. Sometimes you lose heart completely. It’s not so much the faith and the rewards, the belief that this path would lead to success. But it was faith that what I was doing was important.

    Christos Hatzis (1952-), Greek-born composer, found that a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in music composition, earned at U.S. universities, were not a ticket to his chosen profession when he moved to Toronto in 1982. So for nearly a decade, Hatzis earned his living playing piano at nightclubs while spending his days composing classical-style music. Recognition eventually came, with awards that include the Prix Italia, the Prix Bohemia, the Jules Leger prize, the Jean A. Chalmers National Music Award, North American concerts, and appointment as associate music professor at the University of Toronto.

    Notes from “Setting his life to music took time,” by Jim Wilkes, Toronto Star, March 18, 2002.


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