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    Amelia Earhart’s blast for gender equality

    It’s time biology and sex are squeezed out of accomplishment and we are all looked at as persons. Why, the Senate of Canada has actually established that women are persons. Don’t strain yourself worrying, I’m no torch-bearer… I’m not crusading about the country for greater feminine freedom because it’s coming without crusading. But I grow slightly fevered at this “first woman” business… I flew [solo across the Atlantic] because I wanted to try it. Just that, because I wanted to try it, and nothing else.

    Ameilia Earhart  (1897-1937) was already a famous aviator and outspoken about women’s rights when in 1932 she revisited Toronto where she had lived and worked 14 years earlier and first developed an interest in flying. Earhart aired her views in a heated exchange at a press conference. Toronto Star, December 12, 1932.

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