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    Bladder-busting college students

    I.U. is a very good academic school. But some companies won’t want to hire a guy who comes from the biggest party school. They’ll think all I did was drink.

    Tyson Picken, a senior at Indiana University, Bloomington, which was rated by a college guide as the top U.S. party school. Despite administration efforts to curb drinking, in a survey of the school’s 38,000 students, 52 percent admitted to being binge drinkers, defined as five consecutive drinks for men and four for women.

    Dozens of Bloomington bars near the campus are said to lure students with prices as low as 15 cents for beer, and with drinking games such as Bladder Busters, in which drinks are discounted 50 percent until the drinker is forced to stop to relieve him- or herself.

    Notes from “When They Party, They Party Hearty,” by Jennifer Joseph, Time, May 12, 2003.


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