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    Dawson City prostitutes and pimps lure men to ruin and suicide

    The determination of Judge Dugas of Dawson City and Commissioner Ross of the North West Mounted Police to rid the Yukon of “percentage women” who lured young men to ruin and suicide and the “macs” or pimps who ran them in the days of the Klondike gold rush, met with the stern approval of the White Horse Star in this item published February 12, 1902.

    Belgium Queen, a Dawson City dance hall girl, circa 1900-1905. Photo: E.A. Hogg, LA C pa-13284

    Belgium Queen, a Dawson City dance hall girl, circa 1900-1905. Photo: E.A. Hogg, LA C pa-13284

    Young men on moderate incomes and occupying positions of trust were lured into extravagant living and spending by women hired by men for the purpose. The women, who were given a percentage of all they could induce the men to spend, knew no limits, and under the combined influence of wine and the company of the woman, who was drawing him on, was quickly led into an irremediable act. It was not only a few dollars that was thus squandered, but it was known that often in a single night the victim found himself out of thousands of dollars, a misstep from which there was often but one way out, and in a number of cases lately the victim had chosen that way. The judge concluded that it can, and must be stopped.

    We wish His Lordship had gone a step further and included the most detestable of moral lepers known in the Yukon as “Macs,” of the genera “pimp.” A few of them are known in White Horse, but they come to the full perfection of nastiness in Dawson. The Mac is far more objectionable and scarcely less dangerous than the percentage woman; he consorts with the prostitute, no matter how low the degree; he exists off the avails of prostitution; his pals are gamblers and confidence men, if he be so fortunate as to be recognized at all. The woman is his creature; through her the Mac knows who can be picked and who it pays to pluck, and his knowledge is never used to warn the victim of his danger…

    They are a cowardly crew and no consideration should be shown to them. The North West Mounted Police should warn them to get out. If starvation or the elements overtake them enroute, no tear will be shed. If they choose to remain, the statute is broad enough to take them in. The only pity, if any, is that when convicted they might contaminate prisoners respectable in comparison, confined in the jails and guard houses of the Territory.


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