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    Geneen’s Business baloney and reality

    Baloney: Managers should nurture workers and strive to make the workplace a caring environment. Reality: Managers should inspire workers and help them strive to make the company a profitable place. That way people will keep their jobs and get raises, bonuses, and other perks for working hard and showing initiative, and they’ll share in the spoils. What could be more caring than that? My goal at ITT was always to make the people around me successful. I guess you could call that a caring approach, but it also achieved my goals. You’ll be helping your employees, but if everybody pitches in, there is something for everyone to share. You lead people a little, you push them a bit, and you’re the catalyst. You hold people to high standards for their own good. Much better than holding their hands. Harold Geneen (1910-97), U.S. business executive. The Synergy Myth and Other Ailments of Business Today (1997).Workplace,Employees,Employers,Harold Geneen

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