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    Harlan Sanders cooks success with fried chicken

    At age 65 when most fry cooks retire broke and unfulfilled, Harlan Sanders didn’t just shuffle off to the Lard Manor Retirement Home. The white-haired old gentleman took a seemingly worn-out idea and built it into a huge chain of stores. The old Colonel had a dream that turned feathers into fortunes. Ironically, he had been offered nearly $200,000 for his restaurant/motel/service station, but he turned it down because he wasn’t ready to retire.

    Two years later, he was flat broke because a new state highway bypassed his business and killed it. He had only Social Security to keep his boat afloat. At that time it was $105 a month. He didn’t give up. He set out in his old car with a pressure cooker and a can of specially prepared flour. Many nights he had to sleep in his car because he couldn’t afford a motel room. Ten years later at age 75, he sold Kentucky Fried Chicken for $2,000,000 and a substantial lifetime salary.

    Notes from Achieving Your Personal Destiny, by Robert Joel Taylor.  The Electronic Quill.


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