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    Homeless mortality rates in Canada and U.S.

    Winters may be colder and longer in Toronto but the city’s homeless suffer only half the death rate of the homeless in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, according to a study by St. Michael’s Hospital Inner City Health Research Unit in Toronto. “People who are homeless in the U.S. tend not to have any medical insurance,” says Dr. Stephen Whang, an American physician who has treated homeless patients in both Boston and Toronto. “But in Canada, even the poorest members of society have access to health care.” The homeless in Toronto aged 35 to 54 are 58% less likely to die during a one-year period than those living on the streets of Philadelphia, 48% less likely than those in Boston, and 39% less likely than in New York. Homeless men in the United States 18-24 are five times more likely to be murdered than those in Canada.

    Notes from “Homeless less likely to die in Canada than U.S..” National Post, April 26, 2000.

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