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    How to cook your fish by the river

    A simple way of cooking a whiting, or good salmon trout, by the river.

    Kindle a fire of dry wood. Take your fish when just out of the water—fill his mouth with salt—roll him up in two or three folds of an old newspaper, twisting the ends together. Immerse all in water until the paper has become entirely saturated. Then lay the fish among the embers of the fire. When the paper presents a well-charred appearance, the trout is properly done, and will prove a savoury and acceptable morsel. The fish, I may observe, must not be cut open or cleaned. During the firing process, the intestines and other impurities will draw together, and not in the slightest degree injure the flavour of the trout.

    From the Toronto Leader, August 19, 1855.


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