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    Lighting the way for blind and deaf kiids

    The impossible is only the untried. Motto of the W. Ross Macdonald School, a school for elementary and secondary students who are “visually impaired, blind and deafblind.” Situated on 17 acres of parkland in Brantford, Ontario, the school has been in business since 1869.

    In addition to academic courses, the school provides job training, a work placement service and such sporting activities as winter camping, swimming, wrestling and Goalball, a variation of soccer in which all participants, whether blind or sighted, wear blindfolds and the ball is equipped with bells. Julia Passant, 16, a student in the deaf-blind program, communicates by placing her fingers over another’s hand and using a language called Signing Exact Language. “I think that the school is doing very good for me,” communicates Passant. “It makes me feel good. I like everything. I like the friends and being on the swim team.”

    Notes from “Lighting the way for kids,” by two of the school students, 19-year-old Chris Cook and 16-year-old Candice MacIntosh-Olesevich, Toronto Star, June 9, 1998.


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