Random Post: First Canada Day 1 July 1867
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    Lost cattle returned in bitter winter journey

    The Battleford Saskatchewan Herald sings the praises of two Indians who recovered strayed cattle of Lieutenant-Governor David Laird, December 29, 1879.

    Some months ago four head of cattle belonging to the Lieutenant Governor strayed away from Battleford, and although diligent and extensive search was made, no sign of them could be found. Just as hope of recovering them had almost died out they were restored in a most unexpected manner.

    They had travelled south, and were discovered by some Indians out on the plains about 70 miles south of here. Reasoning that they had strayed from the north, two of the Indians were deputed to drive them to Battleford in the hope of finding an owner for them. The conduct of these men, who were non-treaty Indians, in thus undertaking to bring the cattle across the plains in the depth of winter on the mere chance of finding an owner for them, at a time when they were short of provisions and could have killed the animals without any fear of detection, is worthy of the highest praise. In addition to the customary reward of five dollars a head for bringing in stray cattle, the governor gave the Indians a substantial evidence of his appreciation of their sterling honesty.

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