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    Love and beauty in death

    “Living with people who are dying can be a remarkably rich time that yields valuable insights about the beauty and mystery of life and the things that are most important,” according to Teri Crockford, a senior palliative care nurse at a Hamilton, Ontario, not-for-profit hospice.

    Crockford talked about the dying days of her own mother, as reported by Sarah Hampton in the Toronto Globe and Mail, August 29, 2011 in this excerpt:

    Her mother was lying in bed, staring off into the middle distance.

    “What do you see, Mom?”

    “Oh, your father,” came the calm reply.

    Her father had died seven months earlier. Now her mother was close to death.

    “And how is he,” asked the daughter, gently.

    “Oh, he’s good,” said the mother.

    “Why is he here?”

    “He’s asking if I’m ready to go,” she continued calmly.

    A pause. “Are you?”

    “Oh, no, no. Not quite yet, dear.”

    Crockford concludes that in death, as in life, “the only richness is in family and friends. That’s really where the wealth is.”

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