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    Mr. Bruin visits the lawyer

    Amor De Cosmos, writing in his Victoria Daily Standard, September 3, 1870 tells this delightful story of the bear who visited a lawyer.

    Yesterday morning a tame bear was tied in front of Bayley’s Hotel, Langley Street, when it broke loose and proceeded up Bastion Street. The only house open on the street was a lawyer’s office, and Mr. Bear, thinking a little law would be useful to him, proceeded into the outer office and quietly took possession.

    The lawyer was writing in the inner room, and when he found out that there was a client, as he thought, waiting for him, he politely gave him an invitation to come. The lawyer, receiving no answer, got up to see what was making the noise, when, to his great astonishment, he found the bear seated on a chair. Not knowing how to get rid of his unpleasant visitor he took a stick to him, but the bear, showing fight, the gallant lawyer retreated before the snarls and growls of the animal. At last Mr. Bear, thinking the board at Bayley’s Hotel was better than in the lawyer’s office, returned to the place from whence he came, much to the comfort of the inmate of the office, who was very glad to get rid of his visitor without having to resort to the usual process of issuing a writ of ejectment.

    Born William Alexander Smith in Nova Scotia, Amor De Cosmos changed his name to lover of the world, established the British Colonist newspaper at Victoria and later a bitter rival newspaper, the Daily Standard. He was also a Member of Parliament and premier of British Columbia 1872-74.

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