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    Never take friends for granted

    [Tip] O’Neill [U.S. representative and former speaker of the House of Representatives] enjoyed telling the story of the only election he ever lost. As a very young man, he ran for the city council in his hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts. After his defeat, the elderly lady who lived next door said she had voted for him even though he had never bothered to ask for her vote.

    O’Neill was surprised. He pointed out that he had shoveled her snow every winter. Cut her grass every summer. Couldn’t he just assume that he had her vote? But the woman just looked at him and said: “Tip, people like to be asked.”

    George V. Grune, chairman and chief executive officer of the Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. From a speech to the National Coalition for Consumer Education, Washington, DC, April 30, 1993.

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