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    No dole for slackers, wastrels and undesirables

    When some of the men who received municipal relief during a recession were termed “undesirable,” the Regina Leader endorsed the controversial term, and urged no dole for alleged slackers and wastrels who spend their money in gambling and riotous living. From the Leader, September 17, 1921.

    Any able bodied single man who solicits alms from the city this winter may be set down as an “undesirable.”

    There has been enough work in Saskatchewan this year, or within easy travelling distance of Saskatchewan, to have provided for every single man in it a sufficient stake for the winter.

    There may be cases of married men with families who have not been able to lay up enough to carry them through until the spring, and if these men are not able to add to what they have by working after the freezeup, they are entitled to consideration. There are no such cases of unmarried men who have the full use of all their mental and physical faculties.

    All objections to the contrary notwithstanding, cases were cited last winter and the winter before of men living on federal, provincial and municipal charity who had failed to save anything during the summer or who had spent what they had saved before the freezeup in gambling and riotous living. Such men are “undesirable” in the fullest meaning of the word. And to hold out to such men any hope that they will be able to live off their more industrious and provident fellow citizens is doing the city the poorest kind of service.


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