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    Rockefeller’s dime

    Exploring the country around Sleepy Hollow, New York, I found a golf course on John D. Rockefeller Sr.’s Pocantico Hills estate. He and I sat on a bench and talked. When his entourage passed around pork sandwiches, he declined, saying that he had ulcers.

    As I turned to leave, he handed me a shiny dime, saying, “I don’t think of that as a dime but as the tenth part of a dollar. You have to think in dollars if you want to be rich. What will you do with it?” I said, “I’ll probably stop in Tarrytown for a cup of coffee.”

    Rockefeller said, “If I had had that attitude when I was your age, I might not have these ulcers.”

    “Yes, Mr. Rockefeller,” I said, “and you might not have any money either.”

    David Saunders of Clackamas, Oregon, at age 94, recalling a 1933 meeting with the oil tycoon, says that the pursuit of truth is more important than the pursuit of happiness. From a letter in Fast Company, May 2003.

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