Random Post: Love and beauty in death
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    Sweet revenge, Grandma’s delight

    Bailey, a 19-year-old male reader of a woman’s erotic magazine, tricks a Lothario, to the delight of grandma.

    There is this one guy I know named Tony who’s completely obsessed with my best friend’s girlfriend. When her birthday rolled around, Tony told me that he was going to give her chocolates and flowers.

    I thought it was kinda messed up to hit on some else’s girlfriend that blatantly, so when Tony asked me for her address, I only pretended to be into his plan and gave him my grandma’s address instead.

    My idea worked. I still laugh when I think about Tony getting all dressed up and ringing the doorbell, only to discover an 80-year-old woman who was overjoyed to be getting flowers and chocolates from one of my friends.

    “Guy Confessions,” Cosmopolitan, May 2010.

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